Charles Cara

Charles Cara was project manager in Morroco for International Media Formateurs Associés (IMFA) in the context of a French International Volunteers program (VIE) during two years. He was responsable for commercial and communications development of the company, as well as its training sessions.

Thereafter, he joined MATV, a subsidiary of the SAGA Communication Group based in Casablanca as production coordinator, including post-production coordination.

Upon his return in France, Charles Cara joined PAF Productions as the logistical administrator of the “T’empêches tout le monde de dormir” program presented by Marc-Olivier Fogiel.  During the same period he participated in the post-production activities of the fictional programs produced by Marathon Group.

Since 2008, Charles Cara joined International Media Consultants Associés (IMCA) as executive assistant, webmaster and community manager of its website and blogs.