Our mission

Recent world events have demonstrated, once more, that it is impossible to repress mankind’s desire for free speech.

Media are at the heart of all public debate. In order to carry out their work, media depend on freedom of expression and its governing frameworks.  Appropriate limits to freedom of expression ensure the respect of the social, cultural, family and religious values of a society.  The effective, transparent and respectful regulation of civil liberties ensures that constructive and fruitful debate can take place without undermining a society’s fundamental values and while preserving public peace.

MGI aims to provide to governmental bodies, media outlets and any relevant organizations the means to create, support, and improve media and communication networks in all manners.  MGI provides support through content-based input, legal assistance, technological training and regulatory assistance. Implementing mechanisms to foster media transparency necessarily enables the economic development of the media sector, leading to job creation and economic growth.

MGI brings together the most competent professionals equipped with the necessary expertise to suggest the most appropriate solutions to range of projects.  Such work can include missions to improve local media expression in a country or region experiencing political, social or economic instability or simply assisting a government to construct a robust system to regulate media activity.  Our experts are guided by a fundamental respect for national sovereignty and the relevant cultural, historical and religious context of their work.

MGI is guided by an advisory board composed of recognized individuals from all media-related sectors to guarantee complete transparency and ensure adherence to the most stringent ethical norms.